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Social Psychology Laboratory

Piero Amerio

The Social Psychology Laboratory principal aim is to promote, develop, and spread base and applied research on psychosocial issues. Particularly his attention is focused on articulation between individuals, groups, and the social structure. Other aims are:
to foster scientific and cultural exchange networks and collaborations with others departments, Italian and foreign Universities, and similar branch of learning working on common topics;
to gather competences and experiences present inside the Department in order to do scientific research and cultural development project linked to possible external requests;
to be a reference point in both scientific and professional sphere for quality of research and methodological innovation in the field of Social Psychology.

Main research themes
1 - Analysis of epistemological, theoretical, and methodological foundations do Social and Community psychology
2 - Sense of community, security, participation, social exclusion
3 - Psychosocial analysis of politics
4 - Group work, and group as basis for social change
5 - Personal and social identity, prejudice, integration

Teachers and Researchers
Piero Amerio
Norma De Piccoli
Cristina Mosso
Michele Roccato
Angela Fedi
Silvia Gattino
Anna Miglietta
Stefano Tartaglia

PhDs, Fellowships and Partners
Luana Ceccarini
Katiuscia Greganti
Chiara Rollero
Alberto Rovere
Barbara Bosi
Silvana Cavarretta Cottino
Raffaella Gonella

Main publications
Amerio, P. (2004). Problemi umani in comunità di massa. Torino: Einaudi.

Amerio, P. (2002). La psicologia sociale nel dominio pratico. In G. Sensales (Ed.) Prospettive teorico-critiche in psicologia sociale. Angeli: Milano.

Amerio, P., De Piccoli, N., & Miglietta, A. (2001). Projets, buts et engagements dans l'action. In J. L. Beauvois, R. Joule, & J. M. Monteil (Eds.), Perspectives cognitives et conduites sociales, Vol. VIII, Rennes: Presses Universitaires de Rennes.

Amerio, P., Gattino, S., & Roccato, M. (2004). Insécurité et représentation du domaine politique. Psychologie et société, 7, 89-114.

Amerio, P., & Roccato, M. (2005). A predictive model for psychological reactions to crime in Italy: An analysis of fear of crime and concern about crime as a social problem. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, 15, 17-28.

Colombo, M., Mosso, C., & De Piccoli, N. (2001). Sense of community and participation in urban contexts. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, 11, 457-464.

Fedi, A., Greganti, K., & Tartaglia, S. (2001). Political activism and self-representation. Psicologia Politica, 22, 53-75.

Overbeck, J. R, Jost, J. T.., Mosso, C., & Flizik, A. (2004). Resistant versus acquiescent responses to ingroup inferiority as a function of social dominance orientation in the USA and Italy. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 7, 35-54.

Roccato, M. (2003). Le tendenze antidemocratiche. Torino: Einaudi.

Roccato, M. (2003). Desiderabilità sociale e acquiescenza. Milano: Led.

Raised funding
Senso di comunità, benessere psicosociale e forme di partecipazione
Miur-Cofin (2001)

I fabbisogni abitativi nella Città di Torino
Comune di Torino (2001)

Contesti di vita, ineguaglianze sociali e benessere
Miur-Cofin (2003)

Valorizzazione delle competenze femminili
Asl 3 Torino (2003)

Aspirazioni, risorse, insicurezze dei giovani
Compagnia San Paolo (2004)

Aspirazioni, risorse, insicurezze dei giovani
CSI Piemonte (2005)

Il soggetto attivo come capitale sociale
Miur-Prin (2005)

Qualità dell'assistenza domiciliare
Asl 10 Pinerolo (2005)

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