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Development of Intersubjectivity and Theory of Mind

Gabriella Airenti

The research unit is interested in early cognitive development. The research programme focuses on experimental studies in both typically developing children and children with autism.
The main topics of current projects concern the mental processes involved in the development of communicative abilities, both verbal and non verbal, and the social competences appearing in kids during their early months of life.
Both those two main topics are studied also in autistic children, since they represent central aspects in the definition of pathology itself.
Research methodologies comprise observation techniques, experimental design and neuroimaging methods (fMRI.

Main research themes
1 – Linguistic and pre-linguistic communication
2 – Theory of mind
3 – Autism
4 – Early social cognition
5 – Attachment

Teachers and Researchers
Gabriella Airenti
Livia Colle
Francesca Bosco

PhDs and Fellowships
Marco Del Giudice
Romina Angeleri

Main publications
Tirassa, M., Bosco, F., Colle L., (2006). Rethinking the ontogeny of mindreading. Consciousness and Cognition 15, 197-217.

De Marco, I., Colle, L., Bucciarelli. M. (2007). Linguistic and extra-linguistic communication in deaf children. Journal of Pragmatics, 39, 134-156.

Tirassa, M., Bosco, F., Colle L., (2006). Sharedness and privatness in human early social life. Cognitive System Research, 7, 128-139.

Colle, L., Del Giudice, M., Bara, B. (in press). La natura interpersonale della metacognizione, uno studio in età evolutiva. Giornale Italiano di Psicologia.

Del Giudice, M.,Colle, L. (in press). La regolazione delle emozioni in età scolare: uno studio empirico sulle differenze individuali nelle strategie di fronteggiamento". Età Evolutiva.

Airenti, G. (2003). Intersoggettività e teoria della mente. Le origini cognitive della comunicazione, Boringhieri, Torino, 1-251

Airenti G., 2001. Le rôle des représentations dans le développementde la capacité communicative, Intellectica, 32, 155-183.

Airenti, G., 2004. The development of the speaker's meaning In C. Floren Serrano, C. Inchaurralde Besga, M.A.Ruiz Moneva, Applied linguistic Perspectives: Language Learning and and specialized Discourse, Anubar, Saragoza, 1-27.

Airenti, G., 2005. The development of communicative background: non verbal interactions and speech acts. Proceedings of the XXVII Annual Conference of Cognitive Science Society, Stresa 73-78.

Airenti G., (in press) Imitazione e condivsione nella comunicazione e nell'azione. Età evolutiva

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