The GIRS project

The Invisible Grammar of Social Relations

The success of social interaction critically depends on the ability to extract social information and share it with other people. While speech is the most obvious channel that typifies the exchange of social information in humans, there many others more basic channels through which social information may spread across people. The main objective of the GIRS project is to integrate theory and experimental research in a model of how the exchange of social information - at various levels and through different channels - contributes to the making and maintenance of social networks. This issue will be addressed in multidisciplinary approach combining traditional psychological techniques with innovative neuroimaging methods. The combination of these methods will allow for a detailed understanding of the mechanisms involved in acting, feeling and communicating with others. Scientific and practical outcomes are expected in different domains, including public communication, social risk generation and insecurity perception, and multicultural integration.

The GIRS project is funded by the Piedmont region and co-financed by the Faculty of Psychology, University of Turin.

Last update: 28 October 2010