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Emotion Psychology

Dario Galati

The research group on Emotion Psychology developed various fields of investigation with the aim to study the relation between neurobiological and cultural aspects of emotional experience.
In particular, the group analysed innate and learned determinants of facial expression of emotions and carried out transcultural studies on antecedents of emotions in order to evince eventual constancies and/or cultural differences.
Actually, the group is developing some new research domains. One regards the psych-physiological and neurobiological aspects of emotions studied by means of the registration and analysis of some main physiological indexes (Heart frequency and skin conductance), as well as FMRI and EEG.
Another aspect concerns the somatic and mental aspects, studied in a parallel way, of emotions in everyday life. A further research domain investigates the relation between emotions, subjective wellbeing and life quality in different scenarios: from work, to emergency and risk situations.
Finally, the relation between emotions and memory, as well as emotional regulation are investigated in different age groups.

Main research themes
1 - Emotion Psychology
2 - Neurobiology and Psycho-physiology of emotions
3 - Wellbeing and life quality
4 - Motivations, emotions and personality
5 - Emotions, stress and health

Teachers and Researchers
Dario Galati
Renato Miceli
Tommaso Costa
Carla Tinti
Susanna Schmidt
Barbara Sini

PhDs and Fellowships
Manuella Crini
Federica Palmese

Main publications
Galati, D. (2002). Prospettive sulle emozioni e teorie del soggetto. Torino: Bollati Boringhieri

Galati, D., Sini, B., Schmidt, S., Tinti, C. (2003). Spontaneous facial expression of emotion: Comparing congenitally blind and sighted children aged between eight and eleven. Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness, 97

Galati, D., Sotgiu, I. (2003). Reazioni emotive e cognitive ai disastri naturali: un'indagine empirica in un comune alluvionato in Piemonte. Ricerche di Psicologia, 26

Galati, D. (2004). Le langage des émotions: leur donner une voix ou les mettre en parole ? In G. Kirouac (Ed.) Cognition et émotion, Les presses de l'Université de Laval, Les Editions de l'IRCQ, pp. 57-78.

Galati, D., Sotgiu, I. (2004). Happiness and positive emotions. Ricerche di Psicologia, 26, Special issue pp. 41-62

Galati, D., Tinti, C. (a cura di) (2004). Prospettive sulla coscienza. Roma: Carocci

Galati, D., Manzano, M., Roca, M., Sotgiu, I., Fassio, O. (2004), Emotions and everyday life in Cuba. Psychology and Developing Societies, 16

Galati, D., Schmidt, S., Sini, B., Tinti, C., Manzano, M., Roca, M. and Estałn Ferrer,S., (2005), Emotional Experience in Italy, Spain and Cuba: A cross-cultural comparison, Psychologia, 48, 268-287

Sotgiu, I., Costa, T., Galati, D. (2006), Reazioni cognitive ed emotive alla guerra in Iraq: Uno studio longitudinale. Ricerche di Psicologia, 28, 7-20.

Galati, D., Manzano, M.and Sotgiu, I., (2006). The subjective components of happiness and their attainment: a cross-cultural comparison between Italy and Cuba, Social science information, 45, 601-630

Costa, T., Rognoni, E. and Galati, D. (2006) EEG phase synchronization during emotional response to positive and negative film stimuli, Neuroscience Letters 406, 159-164

Raised funding
Emozioni e linguaggio
MIUR-Cofin (2000)

Emozioni e vita quotidiana: stati di esperienza e modificazioni psicofisiologiche
MIUR-PRIN (2006)

Buone pratiche per la riqualificazione ambientale e per la difesa dei suoli nelle valli alpine: l'esempio della Valle di Susa
Fondazione CRT(2004-2005)

Ontogenesi del comportamento umano: Vecchiaia e pensionamento come momenti critici
MIUR-FIRB (2002-2005)

Ricerca transculturale sulla qualitą della vita degli anziani
Progetto di Ateneo, Universitą di Torino (2005)

L'autismo infantile in Italia e a Cuba: ricerca transculturale sull'eziopatogenesi multifattoriale dell'autismo
Progetto di Ateneo, Universitą di Torino (2006)

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