Center for Cognitive Science
Research at the Center for Cognitive Science of Turin focuses on the theoretical, empirical and simulative study of the human mind and its relation with the body and the brain, and on the practical consequences and applications of such study in the real world. We value and favor interdisciplinarity in research, teaching and applications.

More specifically, the research projects carried on at the Center for Cognitive Science may roughly be grouped under the following headings:

   Nature, structure and functioning of social interactions
     - Biological bases of social cognition
     - Theories of communication and dialogue
     - Ontogeny of communication
     - Mindreading and intersubjectivity
     - Agent interaction in psychology, artificial intelligence and economics

   Thinking and reasoning
     - Mental models
     - Deductive reasoning and problem solving in healthy and brain damaged individuals
     - Learning
     - Decision making and cognitive economics

     - Spatial cognition
     - Affective neuroscience
     - Disturbances of communication following brain damage and their rehabilitation

   Clinical psychology and psychopathology
     - Psychotherapy and clinical change
     - Styles of attachment and the development of Self
     - Autobiographical memory
     - Psychocardiology
     - Psychoncology

   Knowledge management in organizations

   Theoretical psychology and foundations of cognitive science
     - Ontology and epistemology of psychology
     - Intentionality, collective intentionality and shared intentionality

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