CogSci2005 - XXVII Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society

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Updated July the 18th 2005.  [ Pdf ]

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CogSci 2005 - Thursday, July 21


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Plenary - Andy Clark ]

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CogSci 2005 - Friday, July 22


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Plenary - Paul Smolensky ]

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CogSci 2005 - Saturday, July 23


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Plenary - Giacomo Rizzolatti ]

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Mind and Brain Prize ]

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CogSci 2005 - Thursday, July 21

[Thu 21]
8:30 - 10:00

[Yellow Room]
Deductive reasoning (1)

  What underlies the assessment of conditionals?
     Uri Hasson, Clare Walsh, Philip N. Johnson-Laird   [ Pdf ]

  Issues in reasoning about iffy propositions: The initial representation of conditionals
     Walter J. Schroyens   [ Pdf ]

  FMRI-Evidence for a three-stage-model of deductive reasoning
     Markus Knauff, Thomas Famgmeier, Christian C. Ruff, Vladimir Sloutsky   [ Pdf ]

  The limits of supposing: Semantic illusions and conditional probability
     Shira Elqayam, Simon J. Handley, Jonathan St.B.T. Evans   [ Pdf ]

[White Room]
Category learning (1)

  Overshadowing as a mechanism underlying the effect of labels on categorization
     Vladimir M. Sloutsky, Christopher W. Robinson, Calvin M. Timbrook   [ Pdf ]

  Stimulus generalization in category learning
     Matt Jones, W. Todd Maddox, Bradley C. Love   [ Pdf ]

  Impaired cognitive flexibility and intact cognitive control in autism:
     A computational cognitive neuroscience approach

     Trenton E. Kriete, David C. Noelle   [ Pdf ]

  Are greebles special? Or, why the fusiform fish area would be recruited for sword expertise (if we had one)
     Matthew H. Tong, Carrie A. Joyce, Garrison W. Cottrell   [ Pdf ]
     [ Marr Prize winner ]

[Blue Room]
Meta-representational abilities & social cognition

  A conceptual complexity account of theory of mind development
     Matthew Phillips   [ Pdf ]

  From the Theory of Mind to the Construction of Social Reality
     Guido Boella, Leendert van der Torre   [ Pdf ]

  Epistemic motivation and groups' reaction to change:
     Effects of need for cognitive closure on norms transmissions in a laboratory micro-culture

     Stefano Livi, Lucia Mannetti, Antonio Pierro, Arie W. Kruglanski, David A. Kenny   [ Pdf ]

  What do we get when dipping a brain into science? Properties of scientific mind
     Christophe Heintz   [ Pdf ]

[Green Room]
Language and cognition   [ Pdf ]
Proponent: Anna Papafragou

  Dedre Gentner
  Lila Gleitman
  Barbara Landau
  Anna Papafragou

Discussant: Willem Levelt

[Thu 21]
10:00 - 10:15

Welcome and Opening Remarks

The CSS Chair, Wayne Gray, opens the conference and announces the Marr Prize winner and two Runner Ups, the new Fellows, and the new Honorary Lifetime Member

  The Marr Prize winner is: Matthew Tong (UCSD), who gives his talk on Thursday the 21st, Blue Room, 8:30-10.00
  The two Runner Ups are:
     Afra Alishahi (University of Toronto), who gives her talk on Thursday the 21st, Green Room, 11:45-13:15
     Daniele P. Radicioni (University and Polytechnic of Turin), who gives his talk on Friday the 22nd, White Room, 16:30-18:00

  The new Fellows are: Gary Dell and Laurence Barsalou
  The new Honorary Lifetime Member is: Susan Chipman

The Chairs of the Conference, Bruno G. Bara, Lawrence Barsalou and Monica Bucciarelli, welcome the audience

[Thu 21]
10:15 - 11:15

Plenary - Andy Clark

  Material symbols: From translation to co-ordination in the constitution of thought and reason
     Andy Clark   [ Pdf ]

Chair: Nancy J. Nersessian

11:15 - 11:45    Coffee Break

[Thu 21]
11:45 - 13:15

[Yellow Room]
Deductive reasoning (2)

  Issues in reasoning about iffy propositions: Deductive rationality in validating and testing conditional inferences
     Walter J. Schroyens   [ Pdf ]

  An Inspection-Time Analysis of Figural Effects and Processing Direction in Syllogistic Reasoning
     Edward J. N. Stupple, Linden J. Ball   [ Pdf ]

  Preferred mental models in spatial reasoning
     Georg Jahn, Markus Knauff, Philip N. Johnson-Laird   [ Pdf ]

  A computational model for spatial reasoning with mental models
     Marco Ragni, Marcus Knauff, Bernhard Nebel   [ Pdf ]

[White Room]
Category learning (2)

  The effects of naming practices on children's understanding of living things
     Florencia K. Anggoro, Sandra R. Waxman, Douglas L. Medin   [ Pdf ]

  Developmental shifts in children's categorizations of the earth
     Stella Vosniadou, Irini Skopeliti   [ Pdf ]

  Microgenetic changes in representations of numerical magnitude
     John E. Opfer, Robert S. Siegler   [ Pdf ]

  Varying Abstraction in Categorization: a K-means Approach
     Timothy Verbeemen, Gert Storms, Tom Verguts   [ Pdf ]

[Green Room]
Language acquisition (1)

  A probabilistic model of early argument structure acquisition
     Afra Alishahi, Suzanne Stevenson   [ Pdf ]
     [ Runner Ups for Marr Prize ]

  New Beginnings and Happy Endings: Psychological Plausibility in Computational Models of Language Acquisition
     Luca Onnis, Morten Christiansen   [ Pdf ]

  Simulating the cross-linguistic development of optional infinitive errors in MOSAIC
     Daniel Freudenthal, Julian Pine, Fernard Gobet   [ Pdf ]

  Starting over: international adoption as a natural experiment in language acquisition
     Jesse Snedeker, Joy Geren   [ Pdf ]

[Blue Room]
Motion and object recognition

  Orientation Specific Effects of Automatic Access to Categorical Information in Biological Motion Perception
     Paul E. Hemeren   [ Pdf ]

  Visual hand primes and manipulable objects
     Anna M. Borghi, Claudia Bonfiglioli, Luisa Lugli, Paola Ricciarelli, Sandro Rubichi, Roberto Nicoletti   [ Pdf ]

  The usual objects: a first draft on the decomposing and reassembling familiar objects images
     Fiora Pirri   [ Pdf ]

  Developmental changes in the interference of motor processes with mental rotation
     Andrea Frick, Moritz M. Daum, Simone Walser, Fred W. Mast   [ Pdf ]

Invited symposium
Cognitive Psychopathology   [ Pdf ]

  Bruno G. Bara
  Simon Baron-Cohen
  Antonio Semerari

Discussant: James L. McClelland

13:15 - 15:00    Lunch on your own

[Thu 21]
15:00- 16:30

[Yellow Room]
Hypotheses' testing & inductive reasoning

  Eye-movements and reasoning: evidence for relevance effects and rationalisation processes in deontic selection tasks
     Linden J. Ball, Erica J. Lucas, Peter Philips   [ Pdf ]

  Are there two kinds of reasoning?
     Evan Heit, Caren M. Rotello   [ Pdf ]

  Taxonomic and ecological relations in open-ended induction
     Allison Baker, John Coley   [ Pdf ]

  Context-sensitive induction
     Patrick Shafto, Charles Kemp, Elizabeth Baraff, John D. Coley, Joshua B. Tenenbaum   [ Pdf ]

[White Room]
Concepts and categorization

  How do cultural numerical concepts build upon an evolved number sense?
     Helen De Cruz   [ Pdf ]

  Universal foci and varying boundaries in linguistic colour categories
     Terry Regier, Paul Kay, Richard S. Cook   [ Pdf ]

  Do classifier categories structure our concepts?
     Henrik Saalbach, Mutsumi Imai   [ Pdf ]

  How understanding novel compounds is facilitated by priming from similar, known compounds
     Georgios Tagalakis, Mark T. Keane   [ Pdf ]

[Green Room]
Language acquisition (2)

  Syntactic classification of acquired structural regularities
     Christian Forkstam, Karl Mangus Petersson   [ Pdf ]

  Simulating optional infinitive errors in child speech through the omission of sentence-internal elements
     Daniel Freudenthal, Julian Pine, Fernard Gobet   [ Pdf ]

  Levels of representation in language development
     Padraic Monaghan, Nick Chater, Charles Hulme   [ Pdf ]

  A Bayesian view of language evolution by iterated learning
     Thomas L. Griffiths, Michael L. Kalish   [ Pdf ]

[Blue Room]
Perception, self-perception & consciousness

  Perceptual modes of presentation
     John Kulvicki   [ Pdf ]

  Anorexic subjects underestimate the amount of food
     Piergiuseppe Vinai, Noemi Ferrato, Silvia Cardetti, Paola Vallauri, Gabriella Carpegna, Donatella Masante, Gianluigi Luxardi, Roberto Ostuzzi, Marita Pozzato, Patrizia Todisco   [ Pdf ]

  Mirror symmetry perception: the effect of proximity to the central axis
     Matthew Dry   [ Pdf ]

Looking at the mind through the lens of functional magnetic resonance imaging: chances and challenges   [ Pdf ]
Proponent: Steven Small & Katiuscia Sacco

  Steven Small & Katiuscia Sacco
  Francesco Di Salle
  Eraldo Paulesu
  Stefano Cappa
  Ana Solodkin

Moderator: Steven Small

16:30 - 17:00    Coffee Break

[Thu 21]
17:00 - 18:30

[Yellow Room]
Inductive reasoning

  Categories and feature inferences: category membership and reasoning bias
     Takashi Yamauchi, Na-Yung Yu   [ Pdf ]

  Effects of experience on relational inferences in children: the case of folk biology
     John D. Coley, Anna Z. Vitkin, Claire E. Seaton, Jennelle E. Yopchick   [ Pdf ]

  Dissociation between categorization and induction early in development: evidence for similarity-based induction
     Heidi Kloos, Anna Fisher, Vladimir Sloutsky   [ Pdf ]

  Children's use of relevance in open-ended induction in the domain of biology
     Anna Z. Vitkin, John D. Coley, Ruiwen Hu   [ Pdf ]

[White Room]
What does facilitate learning

  Gestures convey semantic content for self and others
     Sandra C. Lozano, Barbara Tversky   [ Pdf ]

  The repetition-shift plot structure: a cognitive influence on selection in the marketplace of ideas
     Jeffrey Loewenstein, Chip Health   [ Pdf ]

  Taking the actor's perspective enhances action understanding and learning
     Bridgette A. Martin, Sandra C. Lozano, Barbara Tversky   [ Pdf ]

  The dynamic jigsaw: repeated explanation support for collaborative learning of Cognitive Science
     Naomi Miyake   [ Pdf ]

  Fostering the acquisition of transferable problem-solving knowledge with an interactive comparison tool and dynamic visualizations of solution procedures
     Julia Schuh, Peter Gerjets, CatharinaScheiter   [ Pdf ]

[Green Room]
Early word acquisition (2)

  The nature of early word comprehension: symbol or association?
     Christopher Robinson, Erica Howard, Vladimir Sloutsky   [ Pdf ]

  Why are verbs harder to learn than nouns? Initial insights from a computational model of intention recognition in situated word learning
     Michael Fleischman, Deb Roy   [ Pdf ]

  Word learning as Bayesian inference: evidence from preschoolers
     Fei Xu, Joshua Tenenbaum   [ Pdf ]

  A model of infant learning of word stress
     Thomas Shultz, LuoAnn Gerken   [ Pdf ]

[Blue Room]
European Meeting: Cognitive Science research in Europe
Open to anyone interested

Culture and mind: cultural models in cognition   [ Pdf ]
Proponent: Giovanni Bennardo

  Giovanni Bennardo
  David B. Kronenfeld
  Dwight W. Read
  Bradd Shore

Discussant: Douglas L. Medin

[Thu 21]
19:00 - 21:00

[Panoramic Room]
Poster Session 1   [ Pdf ]

  Language, communication, meta-cognition, and social systems
  Cognitive architectures, complex systems, situated and distributed cognition
  Music and art

Dinner Buffet
The Dinner Buffet is sponsored by Regione Piemonte

CogSci 2005 - Friday, July 22

[Fri 22]
8:30 - 10:00

[Yellow Room]
Causal reasoning (1)

  The meaning of cause and prevent: the role of causal mechanism
     Clare R. Walsh, Steven A. Sloman   [ Pdf ]

  Probability and contiguity trade-offs in casual induction
     Marc J. Buehner, Stuart McGregor   [ Pdf ]

  Diagnosis of ambiguous faults in simple network
     Geoffrey P. Goodwin, Philip N. Johnson-Laird   [ Pdf ]

  Casual determinism and preschoolers' causal inferences
     Laura E. Schultz, Jessica Sommerville, Alison Gopnik   [ Pdf ]

[White Room]
What does and does not facilitate learning (1)

  Statistical learning within and across modalities: abstract versus stimulus-specific representations
     Christopher M. Conway, Morten H. Christiansen   [ Pdf ]

  Point and click or build by hand: comparing the effects of physical vs. virtual materials
     on middle school students' ability to optimize an engineering design

     Lara M. Triona, David Klahr, Cameron Williams   [ Pdf ]

  Intervention in multiple-cue judgment: not always for the better
     Tommy Enkvist, Peter Juslin, Henrik Olsson, Ben R. Newell   [ Pdf ]

  When less is sometimes more: optimal learning conditions are required for schema acquisition from multiple examples
     Katharina Scheiter, Peter Gerjets   [ Pdf ]

  Augmenting worked-out examples by pictorial representations: when do they aid learning?
     Peter Gerjets, Katharina Scheiter, Richard Catrambone   [ Pdf ]

[Blue Room]
Features processing

  Towards a quantitative corpus-based evaluation measure for syntactic theories
     Franklin Chang, Elena Lieven, Michael Tomasello   [ Pdf ]

  From-priming of language: inhibition and facilitation
     Sven Van Lommel, Géry d'Ydewalle   [ Pdf ]

  When nominal features are marked on verbs: a transcranial magnetic stimulation study
     Chiara Finocchiaro, Brigida Fierro, Alfonso Caramazza   [ Pdf ]

  Aspects of the logical structure of conceptual analysis
     Sourabh Niyogi   [ Pdf ]

[Green Room]
Rumelhart prize symposium   [ Pdf ]
Grammar in Phonological Cognition: A Symposium in Honor of Paul Smolensky
Recipient of the Fifth David E. Rumelhart Prize

Proponent: Géraldine Legendre

  Adamantios Gafos & Stefan Benus
  Lisa Davidson
  Colin Wilson
  Bruce Tesar

Discussant: Géraldine Legendre

[Fri 22]
10:00 - 11:00

Plenary - Paul Smolensky

  Optimization in neural networks and in universal grammar
     Paul Smolensky   [ Pdf ]

Chair: John Anderson

11:00 - 11:30    Coffee Break

[Fri 22]
11:30 - 13:00

[Yellow Room]
Causal reasoning and problem solving

  Doing after seeing
     Bjoern Meder, York Hagmayer, Michael R. Waldmann   [ Pdf ]

  Do preschoolers understand causality? A critical Look
     Heidi Kloos, Vladimir Sloutsky   [ Pdf ]

  Synthetic reasoning and the reverse engineering of Boolean circuits
     N.Y. Louis Lee, Philip N. Johnson-Laird   [ Pdf ]

  Design problem solving with conceptual diagrams
     Fehmi Dogan, Nancy J. Nersessian   [ Pdf ]

[Green Room]
Miscommunication   [ Pdf ]
Proponent: Patrick G.T. Healey

  Jonathan Ginzburg
  Patrick G.T. Healey
  Jan Peter de Ruiter
  David Traum

[Blue Room]
Word processing

  Convert bilingual language activation through cognate word processing: an eye-tracking study
     Henrike K. Blumenfeld, Viorica Marian   [ Pdf ]

  Semantic, phonological, and lexical influence on regular and irregular inflection
     Yi Ting Huang, Steven Pinker   [ Pdf ]

  Probing the syllabic structure of words using the audio-visual McGurk effect
     Azra N. Ali, Michael Ingleby   [ Pdf ]

  Does gender information influence early phases of spoken word recognition?
     Elsa Spinelli, Fanny Meunier, Alix Seigneuric   [ Pdf ]

[White Room]
Face perception

  Age of acquisition in facial identification: a connectionist approach
     Brenden M. Lake, Garrison W. Cottrell   [ Pdf ]

  Using a neural network model with synaptic depression to assess the dynamics of feature-based versus
     configurel processing in face identification

     Cory A. Rieth, David E. Huber   [ Pdf ]

  Predicting experimental similarity ratings and recognition rates for individual natural stimuli with the NIM model
     Joyca P.W. Lacroix, Eric O. Postma, Jaap M.J. Murre   [ Pdf ]

  Cognition and face decoding. A band frequency analysis
     Michela Balconi, Claudio Lucchiari   [ Pdf ]

Solution to Fodor's puzzle of concept acquisition (a)   [ Pdf ]
Proponent: Sourabh Niyogi

  Jerry Fodor
  Sourabh Niyogi
  Dedre Gentner
  Alison Gopnik
  Frank Keil
  Stephen Laurence
   Eric Margolis
  Jean Mandler
  Timothy T. Rogers & James L. McClelland

>  On-Line reading materials

Co-moderator: Jesse Snedeker

13:00 - 14:30    Lunch on your own

[Fri 22]
14:30- 16:00

[Yellow Room]
Decision making

  Individual differences in rational thinking time
     Wim De Neys, Kristien Dieussaert   [ Pdf ]

  Newcomb's problem as cognitive illusion
     Peter Slezak   [ Pdf ]

  Imagining low probability events: contrasting exemplar cuing and frequency formats accounts
     Ben R. Newell, Chris Mitchell, Brett K. Hayes   [ Pdf ]

  Decision under uncertainty and moral emotions
     Amelia Gangemi, Francesco Mancini   [ Pdf ]

[White Room]
ACT & companion cognitive systems

  A neurobehaviorally inspired ACT-R model of sleep deprivation: decreased performance in psychomotor vigilance
     Glenn Gunzelmann, Kevin A. Gluck, Hans P.D. Van Dongen, Robert M. O'Connor, David F. Dinges   [ Pdf ]

  Can ACT-R realize "Newell's dream"?
     Matthew F. Rutledge-Taylor   [ Pdf ]

  Stochastic resonance in human cognition:
     ACT-R versus game theory, associative neural networks, recursive neural networks, Q-learning, and humans

    Robert L. West, Terrence C. Stewart, Christian Lebiere, Sanjay Chandrasekharan   [ Pdf ]

  Companion Cognitive Systems: an overview
     Kenneth D. Forbus   [ Pdf ]

[Blue Room]
Lexical semantics

  Configuring the phonological organization of the mental lexicon using syntactic and semantic information
     Monica Tamariz   [ Pdf ]

  Interaction of structural and contextual constraints during the on-line generation of scalar inferences
     Napoleon Katson, Richard Breheny, John Williams   [ Pdf ]

  The morpheme gender effect: an evidence for decomposition
     Fanny Meunier, Alix Seigneuric, Elsa Spinelli   [ Pdf ]

  Large-scale modelling of lexical process
     Christopher T. Kello   [ Pdf ]

[Green Room]
Generating explanatory hypotheses: mind, computer, brain, and world   [ Pdf ]
Proponent: Paul Thagard

  Pat Langley
  Lorenzo Magnani
  Christian Schunn
  Paul Thagard

Solution to Fodor's puzzle of concept acquisition (b)   [ Pdf ]
Proponent: Sourabh Niyogi

  Jerry Fodor
  Sourabh Niyogi
  Dedre Gentner
  Alison Gopnik
  Frank Keil
  Stephen Laurence
   Eric Margolis
  Jean Mandler
  Timothy T. Rogers & James L. McClelland

>  On-Line reading materials

Co-moderator: Jesse Snedeker

16:00 - 16:30    Coffee Break

[Fri 22]
16:30 - 18:00

[Yellow Room]
Decision making and judgement of plausibility

  Feature inference: tracking mouse movement
     Nicholas Kohn, Takashi Yamauchi   [ Pdf ]

  The effects of prior use on preference
     Samuel B. Day, Daniel Bartels   [ Pdf ]

  Broadening plausibility: a sensitivity analysis of PAM
     Louise Connell, Mark T. Keane   [ Pdf ]

  The temporal order effect in children's counterfactual thinking
     Julie E. Meehan, Ruth M.J. Byrne   [ Pdf ]

[White Room]
Natural systems for information processing

  Mental mechanisms: what are the operations?
     William Bechtel   [ Pdf ]

  Discrimination and generalization in pattern categorization: A case for elemental associative learning
     Evan J. Livesey, Philippa J.C. Broadhurst, Ian P.L. McLaren   [ Pdf ]

  Spatial variability and peak shift: A challenge for elemental associative learning?
     Evan J. Liversey, Lucy Pearson, Ian McLaren   [ Pdf ]

  Instructional implications of natural information processing systems
     John Sweller   [ Pdf ]

[Green Room]
Sentence processing & pragmatics

  A connectionist model of sentence comprehension in visual words
     Marshall R. Mayberry, Matthew W. Crocker, Pia Knoeferle   [ Pdf ]

  Optimality theory and human sentence processing: the case of coordination
     John C.J. Hoeks, Petra Hendriks   [ Pdf ]

  Relevance theory through pragmatic theories of meaning
     Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen   [ Pdf ]

  Grounding natural language quantifiers in visual attention
     Kenny R. Coventry, Angelo Cangelosi, Stephen Newstead, Alison Bacon, Rohanna Rajapakse   [ Pdf ]

[Blue Room]
Cognitive modelling in real environments

  Computational modelling of chord fingering for string instruments
     Daniele P. Radicioni, Vincenzo Lombardo   [ Pdf ]
     [ Runner Ups for Marr Prize ]

  Music cognition: theory testing and model selection
     Henkjan Honing   [ Pdf ]

  Why information retrieval needs cognitive science: a call to arms
     Eduard Hoenkamp   [ Pdf ]

  Differences of split and non-split architectures emerged from modelling Chinese character pronunciation
     Janet Hui-wen Hsiao, Richard Shillcock   [ Pdf ]

Neuroeconomics and the social brain   [ Pdf ]
Proponent: Henrik Walter & Peter Kenning

  Henrik Walter & Peter Kenning
  Hilke Plassmann
  Michael Deppe
  Angela Ciaramidaro
  Birgit Abler

[Fri 22]
18:00 - 20:00

[Panoramic Room]
Rumelhart's Reception for Paul Smolensky
Next year's Rumelhart's Prize winner announced
Rumelhart's Prize and Reception are sponsored by the Robert J. Glushko's and Pamela Samuelson's Foundation

The Reception includes a dinner buffet

[Fri 22]
20:00 - 22:00

[Panoramic Room]
Poster Session 2   [ Pdf ]

  Reasoning, decision making, hypothesis testing, and human factors
  Problem solving, explanation, and philosophical issues
  Human factor, human computer interaction, AI, and machine learning
  Emotions and memory

CogSci 2005 - Saturday, July 23

[Sat 23]
8:30 - 10:00

[Blue Room]
Analogical reasoning

  Similarity-based qualitative simulation
     Jin Yan, Kenneth D. Forbus   [ Pdf ]

  A structure mapping model for solving geometric analogy problems
     Emmet Tomai, Andrew Lovett, Kenneth D. Forbus, Jeffrey Usher   [ Pdf ]

  Relational words as handles: they bring along baggage
     Ji Y. Son, Robert L. Goldstone   [ Pdf ]

  A symbolic-connectionist model of relation discovery
     Leonidas A.A. Doumas, John E. Hummel   [ Pdf ]

[White Room]

  Encoding and retrieval efficiency of episodic data in a modified sparse distributed memory system
     Sidney K. D'Mello, Uma Ramamurthy, Stan Franklin   [ Pdf ]

  Creating false memories in humans with an artificial neural network: implications for theories of memory consolidation
     Serban C. Musca, Stéphane Rousset, Bernard Ans   [ Pdf ]

  Picture theory, tacit knowledge or vividness-core? Three hypotheses on the mind's eye and its elusive size
     Amedeo D'Angiulli, Adam Reeves   [ Pdf ]

  Time monitoring and control cognitive in children and adults
     Maria Grazia Carelli, Timo Mäntylä   [ Pdf ]

[Yellow Room]

  The source of beliefs in conflicting and non conflicting situations
     Hugo Mercier, Jean-Baptiste Van der Henst   [ Pdf ]

  What happens when experts over-or underestimate a layperson's knowledge in communication ? Effects on learning and question asking
     Jörg Wittwer, Matthias Nückles, Alexander Renkl   [ Pdf ]

  Categorical recurrence analisysis of child language
     Rick Dale, Michael J. Spivey   [ Pdf ]

  Studying situated communication with an embodied agent
     Ipke Wachsmuth   [ Pdf ]

[Green Room]
Spatial schemas and abstract thought   [ Pdf ]
Proponent: Merideth Gattis

  Barbara Tversky
  Simone Schnall
  Merideth Gattis & Jing Jing Ding

[Sat 23]
10:00 - 11:00

Plenary - Giacomo Rizzolatti

  The mirror neuron system and its role in understanding the others
     Giacomo Rizzolatti   [ Pdf ]

Chair: Steven Small

11:00 - 11:30    Coffee Break

[Sat 23]
11:30 - 13:00

[Blue Room]
Analogical reasoning & learning

  Self-explanation, feedback and the development of analogical reasoning skills: microgenetic evidence for a metacognitive processing account
     Andrea Cheshire, Linden J. Ball, Charlie Lewis   [ Pdf ]

  Relevant concreteness and its effects on learning and transfer
     Jennifer A. Kaminski, Vladimir M. Sloutsky, Andrew F. Heckler   [ Pdf ]

  Linking cognitive science to education: generation and interleaving effects
     Lindsey E. Richland, Robert A. Bjork, Jason R. Finley, Marcia C. Linn   [ Pdf ]

  Conceptual and procedural knowledge of a mathematics problem: their measurement and their causal interrelations
     Michael Schneider, Elsbeth Stern   [ Pdf ]

[White Room]
Attention and spatial processes

  Computational and experimental evaluation of the attentional blink: testing the simultaneous type serial token model
     Bradley Wyble, Howard Bowman   [ Pdf ]

  Two visual systems and their eye movements: evidence from static and dynamic scene perception
     Boris M. Velichkovsky, Markus Joos, Jens R. Helmert, Sebastian Pannasch   [ Pdf ]

  A recurrent model for spatial attention
     Marco Casarotti., Marco Zorzi, Carlo Umiltà   [ Pdf ]

[Yellow Room]
Language understanding and context

  Focusing attention with deictic gestures and linguistic expressions
     Max M. Louwerse, Adrian Bangerter   [ Pdf ]

  Context sensitivity of relational nouns
     Jennifer A. Asmuth, Dedre Gentner   [ Pdf ]

  Incremental effects of mismatch during picture-sentence integration: evidence from eye-tracking
     Pia Knoeferle, Matthew W. Crocker   [ Pdf ]

  Widening the wideware: an analysis of multimodal interaction in scientific practice
     Morana Alac   [ Pdf ]

[Green Room]
Shared intentionality   [ Pdf ]
Proponent: Livia Colle & Cristina Becchio

  Raimo Tuomela
  Hannes Rakoczy
  Elizabeth Pacherie
  Livia Colle & Cristina Becchio
  Bruno G. Bara

Discussant: Livia Colle & Cristina Becchio

Conceptual grounding in cognitive processes   [ Pdf ]
Proponent: Katja Wiemer-Hastings

  Stevan Harnard
  Arthur M. Glenberg
  Robert L. Goldsone
  Katja Wiemer-Hastings & Kurby
  Rolf A. Zwaan & Taylor

13:00 - 14:30    Lunch on your own

[Sat 23]
14:30- 16:00

[Blue Room]

  Categorization vs. inference: shift in attention or in representation?
     Håkan Nilsson, Henrik Olsson   [ Pdf ]

  Differentiation for novel dimensions
     Stephen A. Hockema, Mark R. Blair, Robert L. Goldstone   [ Pdf ]

  Modelling individual differences with Dirichlet processes
     Daniel Navarro, Thomas Griffiths, Mark Steyvers, Michael Lee   [ Pdf ]

[Green Room]
Spatial processes

  Mental simulation in spatial language processing
     Benjamin Bergen   [ Pdf ]

  SpaceCase: a model of spatial preposition use
     Kate Lockwood, Ken Forbus, Jeffrey Usher   [ Pdf ]

  Human spatial reorientation using dual task paradigms
    Kristin R. Ratliff, Nora S. Newcombe   [ Pdf ]

  Lexical processing drives motor simulation
     Meylysa J. Tseng, Benjamin K. Bergen   [ Pdf ]

[Yellow Room]
Comprehension of stories and metaphors

  A subsymbolic model of complex story understanding
     Peggy Fidelman, Risto Miikkulainen, Ralph Hoffman   [ Pdf ]

  How do readers deal with flashbacks in narratives?
     Stephanie Kelter, Berry Claus   [ Pdf ]

  Brain processes of relating a statement to a previously read text: memory resonance and situational constructions
     Franz Schmalhofer, Uwe Friese, Karin Pietruska, Markus Raabe, Roland Rutschmann   [ Pdf ]

  Interpretive diversity as a source of metaphor-simile distinction
     Akira Utsumi, Yuu Kuwabara   [ Pdf ]

  Negation in non-literal sentences
     Raluca Budiu, John R. Anderson   [ Pdf ]

[White Room]
Interaction of human and machines

  Propagation of innovations in networked groups
     Winter A. Mason, Andy Jones, Robert L. Goldstone   [ Pdf ]

  Assessing human likeness by eye contact in an android testbed
     Karl F. MacDorman, Takashi Minato, Michihiro Shimada, Shoji Itakura, Stephen Cowley, Hiroshi Ishiguro   [ Pdf ]

  The acquisition and asymmetric transfer of interactive routines
     Wayne D. Gray, V. Daniel Veksler   [ Pdf ]

  In search for the holy grail: understanding artefact mediation in social interactions
     Tarja Susi   [ Pdf ]

Origins of mindreading abilities in children and monkeys   [ Pdf ]
Proponent: Claudia Thoermer

  Judith Burkart & Adolf Heschl
  Luca Surian & Stefania Caldi
  Claudia Thoermer & Beate Sodian
  Henrike Moll & Michael Tomasello

Discussant: Beate Sodian

16:00 - 16:30    Coffee Break

16:15- 17:00

[Blue Room]
Business Meeting
Open to members of the Cognitive Science Society

[Sat 23]
17:00 - 19:00

Mind and Brain Prize

Bruno G. Bara confers the Mind and Brain Prize on James L. McClelland and Jerry Fodor

Lectio Doctoralis:
  Organization and emergence of semantic knowledge: A parallel-distributed processing approach
     James L. McClelland   [ Pdf ]

Lectio Doctoralis:
  What we still don't know about cognition
     Jerry Fodor   [ Pdf ]

Chair: Bruno G. Bara

[Sat 23]
19:00 - 21:00

[Panoramic Room]
Poster Session 3   [ Pdf ]

  Learning, instruction, teaching and analogy
  Categorization and knowledge representation
  Perception, self-perception, motion and action
  Attention and spatial processes

Mind and Brain's Cocktail
The Mind and Brain's Cocktail is sponsored by Consorzio per la Tutela dell'Asti

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