CogSci2005 - XXVII Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society

News and updates

>  New! - The detailed schedules of CogSci05.
>  Attention:  deadline for early registration is July the 8th
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Attention:  The registration desk opens on Wednesday, July 20 at 15.00; we suggest participants who already reached Stresa to register themselves in advance.

Related conferences

To facilitate interdisciplinary interaction, the following conferrence are related with CogSci 2005:

    9th International Pragmatics Conference (IPRA 2005) - 10-15 July 2005
    The Fourth Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference (ASIC 2005) - 25-31 July 2005

CogSci2005 Workshop

   Toward Social Mechanisms of Android Science - Stresa, Italy, 25-26 July 2005
The aim of this workshop is to begin to lay a foundation for research in android science, a new field that integrates the synthetic approach from robotics with the empirical methodologies of the social sciences. Participants, coming from engineering and the social, cognitive, and biological sciences seek fundamental principles underlying cognition and communication between individuals. Cognition is not viewed as solely a property of brains, to be understood at a micro-structural level, nor as socially-definable and separable from biomechanical or sensorimotor constraints. By highlighting agent-world relations, androids have the potential for helping researchers to bridge the gap between cognitive neuroscience and the behavioral sciences, leading to a new way of understanding human beings. Thus, we hope to find principles that will apply equally well to androids and Homo sapiens.


   12th Annual ACT-R Workshop - Trieste, Italy, 16-17 July 2005
ACT-R is a cognitive theory and simulation system for developing cognitive models for tasks that vary from simple reaction time to air traffic control. The foundations of the ACT-R theory were detailed in the book "The Atomic Components of Thought" by John R. Anderson and Christian Lebiere, published in 1998 by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Recent advances in the theory are detailed in several publications accessible at the url: Each year, a three-day workshop is held to enable new and current users to exchange research results and ideas. The 12th Annual ACT-R Workshop will be in Trieste, Italy, on July 15-17, 2005 (just a few days before CogSci2005 in Stresa).


   European Gather of Graduate Students (EGGS) 2005 - Turin, 19 July 2005
Organism and Environment in Cognitive Science
The Graduate Students and Ph.D. Students in Cognitive Science of the Department of Psychology - University of Torino, sponsored by the ISASUT - International School of Advanced Study of the University of Turin, organise the first event of the EGGS series - European Gather of Graduate Students - aimed to promote the cultural and academic exchange among European and extra-European Ph.D. Students.


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